Royston handles my portfolio of insurance policies, including those not from his company GE. I find him trustworthy. On one occasion, when I wanted to buy a type of insurance, Royston informed me that GE did not offer such coverage. On his own accord, Royston examined products from his competitors, and shared with me his recommendation. Nowadays, I go to him to buy all my insurance.

(Before Royston, I had a few financial advisors in the past — agent A asked me to cash out my policy so that I can buy an additional policy from him; agent B was careless with paper work and as a result my application was declined, and he didn’t even follow up to rectify; agent C left the company and didn’t even bother to inform me until he wanted to buy more policies from his new company)
— Koh Eng Beng, Founder Happiness Notebook
Our insurance policies are all through Royston. And each time we need to travel will also go to Royston for travel insurance. It’s great going through Royston because any claims are handled by him. He will come to my house and get all the necessary documents and that’s it. I don’t need to do anything else except wait for the cheque to come in the mail.

He is very responsive and not pushy at all. He will sit down and understand what you need and then recommend from there. No forcing you to get anything you don’t want or need. I highly recommend Royston for your financial planning needs!
— Ruth Tay, Consultant
Royston has been truly helpful with his sound financial advice and assistance when it comes to planning for my future. I trust his counsel implicitly as he has proven to be both competent and sincere in helping me with wealth management. Thank to him, I am much more confident about my financial goals.
— Ahmad Chevi, Teacher